Message from the Overseas Director


We are internationally reputed company in the field of manpower and human resources development for last 21years. We have rendered our service all over the world which includes Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Japan, UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, Oman, South Africa, etc.

Manpower is a very challenging sector which demands quality service to sustain for long term. Due to our worthy service our counterparts always remembers us with trust and respect. In fact this is our guiding principal and key strength to serve in the international market for such long tenure. Excluding other countries of the world, this company has supplied Seventy five Thousand skilled/unskilled workers in Malaysia/Qatar/Saudi Arabia/Kuwait. This definitely speaks about the reputation and superior service of the company.

Our aim is to uphold the reputation and fame of the company in days to come by providing impr5oved service and winning ghee clients’ satisfaction.

M.S Kapri
Director Overseas