Message from a Member of Parliament


United Export Ltd. is involved in the field of manpower and human resources development since 1994. This is a sector where it is possible to serve the the both to end with honest and sincere service.

This company strictly follows all the financial instructions of NBR (National Bureau of Revenue) to pay the government revenue in the form tax, VAT etc. As a result this company generated huge amount of revenue for the government,  which qualified them twice to be commended and Mr. S.M Rafique, the Managing Director of the company was awarded twice as CIP (Commercially), the highest financial award.

The remittance of the overseas workers is one of the most important and major source of foreign currency earnings for the country. As such arrangement of overseas employment is purely a nations building activity more overseas employment from all over the world to minimize the curse of overpopulation of the country.

I wish their bright success in days to come.

Major General ATM Abdul Wahab (retd)
Member of Parliament
Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh