Message from Director admin & training


Manpower and human resources development is a service sector as such it is a bobble profession as well. It creates employment to the poor, uneducated and under privileged people, of the other hand it provides the element for production which directly contributes in economic prosperity thus creating dividend in both end.

But the process of selecting ghee correct person for correct employment is very tough, Challenging and confusing as well. These poorly educated workers face the barrier of the language of the foreign country. On the hand, with the development need a comprehensive tainting to face the upcoming challenges. This is very difficult to infuse such knowledge in such short time.

we always aim to select the competent worker and impart prier training as much as possible for smooth discharge of their duets. We also keep track of our as a part of responsibility and reference.

The government of Bangladesh has also recognized our hard work with highest honor. As a result twice the Managing Director of his company has been awarded as CIP (Commercially Important Person), the highest financial award.

Major Kazi Arifur Rahman (retd.)
Director Admin & Training