Message from the Vice Chairman

Mr. Benny Tong is the Vice Chairman of the group companies based in Malaysia. e began his business in manpower recruitment since 1993. He has years of experiences in foreign human resources mainly from Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indian and Indonesia for various sectors such as manufacturing, services, construction, plantation or agriculture in Malaysia.

Manpower is the tedious and complicated task to execute effectively to ensure the smooth operation and continued growth of company. Therefore, Mr. Benny has strong team and efficient consultancy services with aims to assist the employers to find suitable foreign workers to put the right person into the right place. The application of suitably will create win-win for both host country and source country. For the host country it is a way to fulfill the manpower need and sustain economic growth and prosperity. Fort the source country, it brings foreign current and balance the account.

Mr. Benny has his life philosophy, “Make Our Life Better” and believes to be reliable, responsible and being professional in order to provide fast, convenient, accurate and high quality services to customers.

Benny Tang
Vice Chairman